Metallica’s legendary frontman James Hetfield appeared in the latest music video of ‘Metallica: Blackened 2020’ and sang a song with the band after the rehab while revealing his newest style.

James entered rehab in September 2019 due to his alcohol problems and sang in public for the first time at Beverly Hills, California, in February 2020. Also, Metallica postponed the 2019-2020 tours because of the rehab sessions of James.

Additionally, Lars Ulrich spoke in a recent interview with Salesforce a few days ago and revealed that the band members were meeting online and discussing to make a ‘Metallica Quarantine Record.’

By sharing the re-recording home-made song ‘Blackened’ on Youtube, they proved that Metallica is still working for making some content for the audience. Also, this can be a clue about what would the quarantine album of Metallica looks like.

Furthermore, this is the first time James sang and recorded the song online after the rehab, and he showed his latest appearance with this video. As you can see, he is still looking sharp and charismatic, and his voice is still as perfect as we remember.

You can check out the video below.