Metallica’s legendary frontman James Hetfield had a small talk with the Petersen Automotive Museum’s official YouTube channel and talked about his famous luxury car collection.

As you may remember that Metallica founder donated his car collection to that museum last year and this time, he talked about this process to break his long-time public intimacy.

As most of the community criticizes James’ passion and addiction for the cars, he stated that he’s happy with collecting them and it marks his life. We may also think that it’s a good way for James to avoid alcohol and other bad habits at all.

Here is what James told to Petersen Automotive Museum:

“There’s no other place like this. The Petersen is the pinnacle. It’s the best place to have your vehicles. They weren’t doing me much good sitting in my garage.

I loved looking at them. The best part is they’re all together. I didn’t want to auction them off and [have them] go all over the world. It’s a collection. It marks my life.”

You can check out the whole conversation below.

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