As Metallica’s legendary guitarist Kirk Hammett is quite active on social media these days, he posted yet another funny photo on his verified and official Instagram page today.

You might check out the photo of Kirk below that he poses right in front of the indicator that states you should not take a photo in that area.

Of course, Kirk didn’t care much about that warning, and he took this frame right in front of it. Here is what Kirk wrote about that photo:



⚡️⚡️ A @rosshalfin 📸photo ⚡️⚡️”

While one of the users who liked that post was Slayer and Exodus star Gary Holt, lots of others commented.

A user named spades.lespaulcustom commented:

“Follow us! I hope you like our work!

Your smile tells the whole story lmao 🤣”

Another user, joaogabrielporto wrote this:

“No photograph, except if you’re Kirk and you’re holding greenie”

You can see the photo of Kirk below.