Metallica legend Kirk Hammett shared a recent photo on his verified Instagram account. In that photo, Kirk eating a bug and another Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo disgusted with it.

Here is what he wrote:

Jam Snacks! #lunchbreak”

You can see the photo below:

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Jam Snacks! #lunchbreak

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Yesterday, Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett has shared an unseen photo of himself which was taken after his first show with Metallica.He remembered that special moment on Instagram, and wrote:

“36 years ago it was my Metallica Birthday. I believe this was taken the night after my first Met show , in the parking lot of ROCK&ROLL HEAVEN in NJ , April 1983.

I remember I got the call
April 1st – April Fool’s joke ? I thought. But no. I flew out to meet them at Jamaica, Queens. And our first show was April 16th – in Dover
So this pic was taken April 17th I think.
Photo cred to Trace Rayfield by way of @umlaut
Cliff and I had already bonded over horror movies and Lovecraft by that point ! ⚡️⚡️🖤🖤⚡️⚡️ @metallica 🤘🤘 #heavymetalparkinglot”

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