Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist of the iconic band Metallica, shared a picture for Halloween on his official Instagram page and his werewolf look is to die to for and some fans are already scared.

As you may remember Kirk Hammett has a special interest in werewolves and nearly 2 years ago, he shared a post on his official Facebook page and opened up about his passion for werewolves. Hammett stated that werewolves are interesting and their range of emotions surprises him and once again revealed his admiration for werewolves.

Here is what Hammett said about werewolves:

“I’ll go on record to say that werewolves are just really, really interesting and I like the capacity and the range of emotion that werewolves tend to possess in these stories, you know? There are so many great werewolf movies, and some of them are pretty crazy even for werewolf movies.”

Hammett recently shared a picture from a concert in London of himself with a werewolf face photoshopped onto his face on his official Instagram page in order to get into Halloween mood and used his beloved werewolf for the spooky season.

Here is what Hammett said for his scary photo:

“Getting in that Halloween mood… AMERICAN werewolf in London …”

You can see the Instagram post below.