Metallica’s legendary album Master of Puppets was released on this day in 1986. On Twitter, Metallica have celeberated the album’s birthday with this message:

“Master of Puppets -album- was released #OnThisDay in 1986. What’s your favorite song on the album?”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett retweeted the post, and invited people to write their favorite songs from Master of Puppets album. He wrote:

“I’m gonna have to think about this one @Metallica”

He also shared his favorite songs on Master of Puppets album with this tweet:

“Still all great songs, but personally? The Thing That Should Not Be / Orion. Those are my faves from Master of Puppets. ⚡️🎸🤘”

He also answered some questions on Twitter. A fan named Running Wolf wrote:

“Do you like the avenger movies ? Besides the scary movies and comics?”

Kirk responded:

“I love ALL the Marvel movies – I’m a cheap date when it comes to anything Marvel or DC 🤘”

Check the tweets below.