One of the most legendary guitarists of all time, Metallica icon Kirk Hammett made a new interview with Rockstars in Cars’ Neil Shukla, Paul Luis, and Mark Hebert and revealed the untold details about his iconic “Greeny” Les Paul guitar.

As you will read the interview below, Kirk said that he wants to use his guitar for live performances, instead of locking it up.

Here is what he said, transcribed by Ultimate Guitar.

“I bring it everywhere with me, it’s in the car behind us right now. When you come to see Metallica, you get an opportunity to hear a friggin’ historical guitar.

It’s a cool thing for a lot of people, it’s a cool thing for me, and that guitar doesn’t deserve to be in the darkness. It belongs among the living, doing what it does the best: sing, sing like hell.

I mean, it really feels like it’s a guitar of the people – I say that a lot because so many people love it, and so many amazing songs have been played on it and written on it.

It’s had such an illustrious life of its own, independently of me. It’s a blessed piece of wood and I feel fortunate to be able to play it.

“It came to me – it actually came to me, I didn’t go chasing it. I had a phone call one day in London and someone said, ‘Oh, I have this guitar,’ and I’m, like, ‘No way, I ain’t touching it, not for that price.’ The rumor was that it was $2,000,000 and the guy said, ‘Merely a rumor.’

And I said, ‘Bring it over.’ I’ll let anyone play it because it’s been played by so many other people. Jimi Hendrix has played that guitar, Jeff Beck, George Harrison, Rory Gallagher, Scott Gorham, so many people played that guitar.

Jimmy Page told me to buy it, and when Jimmy says, ‘I know about that guitar,’ it’s probably a good idea.”

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You can watch the whole interview below.