Creator of the “Cry Baby Wah-wah pedals”, Jim Dunlop Sr. has passed away at the age of 82. The news was confirmed by Jim Dunlop Guitar Products via Facebook.

They stated:

“Remembering Jim Dunlop, 1936–2019: Founder of Dunlop Manufacturing and enormously influential innovator of picks, capos, and other guitar accessories, Jim dedicated his life to making it easier and more enjoyable for musicians to express themselves.

Driven by a fearless, innovative spirit, he tirelessly sought out ways to improve and expand the options available to players around the world. Today, we remember his contribution to music history.”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett mourned Jim Dunlop with this tweet:

Jim Dunlop –
purveyor of the cry baby wah pedal”

See the tweet below:

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci wrote:

“Thank you Jim Dunlop Sr. for all of the joy and innovation you’ve brought to the world of guitar. I owe so much of my sound and technique to the amazing Dunlop picks I’ve played with ever since I picked up the guitar and to the unmatchable wah that bears your name. Rest In Peace. “

Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick wrote:

“A few @jimdunlopusa wares that it’s hard to Imagine being on stages and in studios without over the years. Unlike guitars, amps,
pickups etc, these tools of the trade are mostly hidden from listeners, yet no less essential. Thanks Jim Dunlop Sr. @jimdunlopusa R.I.P #jimdunlop”