Metallica’s legendary musician, Kirk Hammett posted a common photo on his Instagram and Twitter accounts and shared the great moments he had with Johnny Depp.

As we published another article about Depp earlier, Johnny is about to face a serious legal battle with his former lawyers from Buckley LLP.

According to the latest reports of Mail Online’s Cheyenne Roundtree, Johnny Depp’s former lawyers alleging that Johnny Depp billed by Buckley LLP. But he only paid $187,717.39, leaving a remaining balance of $347,979.89.

Here is what Kirk wrote about the photo:

“From “An Evening with Mr. Hammett and Mr. Depp.” By 📸 @RossHalfin 🎸💀💥”

“So I fell in love with a 57 strat I don’t own , and the owner is a bit worried … ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #visitingafriend 😉 ✂️ 🖐 📸photo by @rosshalfin 📸🤘⚡️💥”

You can see the photos below.