A Metallica fan page on Twitter called “Book of Metallica” has shared a bizarre cover art meme of Death Magnetic album. As you can see below, meme featuring funny photo of Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

Book of Metallica wrote:

“Probably one of my favorite album covers.. 😂

Christchurch Magnetic September 22, 2010. #Metallica”

Kirk Hammett reacted to meme, and wrote:

“Fangs for the memories”

See the tweets below.

Kirk Hammett also paid tribute to legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan with this tweet and photo:

“Visiting one of the greats #stevierayvaughan 🖤🎸🖤”

On his favorite songs from Metallica’s Master of Puppets album, he said:

“Still all great songs, but personally? The Thing That Should Not Be / Orion. Those are my faves from Master of Puppets. ⚡️🎸🤘”