During the conversation with Let There Be Talk, Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett has revealed some interesting and untold details about their major appearance change when they did before the release of Load and Reload albums.

If you look at Metallica history, they always made some major changes in their musical direction, styling, and basically everything. One of the major and stunning decisions of them happened just before the release of the Load album. They decided to cut their hair and the community gets really mad at their new extraordinary looks.

We read a lot of things about their Load era from their old interviews and other stuff, but this time, Kirk look at the situation from another angle. And he mentioned the very interesting and untold reason behind the style change of Metallica. Kirk said that he changed his appearance because he wanted to look like his friends in San Francisco.

Here is what Kirk Hammett said:

“In the ’90s, my look changed, and it was because of San Francisco. I mean, I cut my hair because that was part of the San Francisco look at the time; I started dressing up the same way as all my friends because that’s how all my friends dressed.”

Kirk Hammett continued:

“And from the outside looking in, it probably looked really strange, like, ‘This guy from Metallica, overnight, he changes his whole look,’ but it was not like that. It was not an overnight thing.”

He added:

“It was just taking in San Francisco culture at the time through osmosis, turning into something that was just very similar to what my peers were doing.”

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