Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett has recently participated in Kerrang’s ‘Question & Answer’ session and revealed lots of untold truth from the biggest regret of his life to the preparation of ‘The Black Album.’

As you will read the sincere statements of Kirk below, he admitted that he had to stopped drinking while he was still enjoying it. However, if he had a chance to go back at the start and do it again, he would stop drinking already.

Let’s hear what he said on The Black Album:

“By the end of the Damaged Justice tour [in 1989], we were kind of singing riffs to each other already. The ‘Sad But True’ riff was already around.

Jason [Newsted, former bassist] had been in the band for a while and we had finally coalesced into a band over the course of that tour. We were feeling really good and ready to make another strong musical statement.

MTV had started playing us, they were primed. Radio had started playing us, they were primed. The mainstream media knew about us and they were primed, and so everything kind of lined up.”

Then, he mentioned biggest regret of his life and drew attention to his alcohol problem by saying:

“I would have stopped drinking 10 or 15 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed being a raving alcoholic lunatic, but then everything turned against me.

Every time I had a drink, it worked against me rather than helping me to enjoy myself in a recreational manner. That’s the thing about alcohol: if you’re not paying attention and something happens, it could flip on you and next thing you know, you’re on the downside of things rather than on the upside.”

He continued:

“For fucking decades, I’d go out after a show and carry on all night. I’d go back to the hotel room and play guitar for two or three hours and not remember anything the next day.

I’d pick up the recorder and think, ‘What the fuck is this garbage?’ I did that for fucking decades. I stopped drinking and now I go back to my room and play guitar and remember everything!

“I can pick it up from the night before. I still feel like I’m growing as a musician, and I like having that clarity of mind and having a really strong relationship with my instrument and the music. I wish I had gotten to this point a lot earlier in my life. But hey, everything’s meant to happen for a reason.”

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