Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammett was interviewed by Full Metal Jackie. He talked about his main goal, which he has been struggling with all his life.

He talked about catching his own guitar tone and style. He said:

My whole attitude has been pretty much the same from the onset, ever since I first started playing: pick up your guitar, work hard to improve yourself and grow, and be open to new things and just try to be a sponge, and filter in all the good stuff and try to keep out all the bad stuff. I’ve been doing that pretty much my entire musical life, my entire musical career, and I’ve just been keeping to what sounds good to me instinctually and never losing sight of what inspires me and who inspires me, what influences me an what does not influence me. And through all that stuff, every time I play guitar, it’s the accumulation of all those things I’ve just mentioned. And when I play my guitar, that’s me — that’s my personality.

And concurrently, people have come up to me and said, ‘Kirk, you’re doing a good job. You have your own sound.‘ And for me, it’s hard for me to hear my own sound because I’m so close to it — I’m in it, you know; it’s me. And so when I hear other guitar players coming to me and saying, ‘You have your own sound. I can always tell when you play.’ People have been telling me this ever since ‘Kill ‘Em All’. And so, for me, that’s one of my main goals as a musician — just to have my own sound. And I don’t know how it happens. All I know is that I just really try to work in trying to be an individual and try the best that I can be as a guitar player, and somehow, along the way, my personality and my identity has come through in my playing, and I’m very thankful for that. And I’m very appreciative of the fact that other people can hear my personality in my guitar.”

Kirk seems to have achieved this goal. He created his own style with wah pedal.