Metallica’s legendary guitarist, Kirk Hammett has posted a new photo of Jimmy Page’s Sundragon Amp via his certified Instagram page.

He has shared a photo after his experience with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s guitar amp said that “Perfect Sound!”

Here is the caption of the photo:

“👍 Jimmy Page’s Sundragon Amp has completely blown me away.

Perfect sound !!! @sundragonamps@jimmypage #sundragonamps.”

A user named nero3931 wrote this:

“Ok u need a new garage days album, Zep, Hendrix, Sabbath, Misfits, maybe some Floyd and Allmans for good measure!”

joie_de_vivre_nyc commented and said:

“We need a video to hear the sound! 🎸🎶🎵”

See the Instagram post of Kirk below.