The legendary guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett had a new interview with Neil Shukla, Paul Luis, and Mark Hebert of “Cosmo Music – The Musical Instrument Superstore” and revealed why his $750.000 was a complete disappointment.

Kirk admitted that he could never understand why it didn’t sound so good as he thinks.

Here is his statement, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar:

“I’m using a Randall Fortin amp, built by Mike Fortin, the amp wizard of the world. I use that and I blend it with a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, and that’s pretty much what my sound is.

I take that a further step and I model that sound through Fractal for consistency. And once it’s in the Fractal, it doesn’t matter where I’m at – the rehearsal, stadium, club, like bedroom, backstage – it always sounds the same. That’s the beauty of the Fractal.”

He continued:

“I met someone here in Toronto who knows about Dumbles and actually knew about the amp that I had and told me that it was used to be owned by this guy Jesse, a singer-songwriter from the ’70s.

And his truck got into an accident and it rolled and the amp was inside the truck when it rolled, so I have a feeling that the amp was damaged, ever so slightly, just enough to change the sound.

And then I told him, ‘Look, I sold that amp for a crazy amount of money,’ and he goes, ‘Well, that’s amazing because you know how much someone is asking for that very same amp now? $750,000.”

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You can watch the interview below.