The iconic Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett has made a recent conversation with Guitar Player Magazine and revealed the solo which he first time ever heard Wah Pedal.

Metallica icon mentioned Thin Lizzy’s well-known track from 1976, ‘Warriors’, was a crucial step for his further career and changed his life forever.

Here is what Kirk said to Guitar Player:

“This solo was the first time I’d ever heard a wah pedal. I remember that when that sound came out of the speakers, it startled me.

The one guy that I’ve always thought did not get enough credit was Brian Robertson, and his style and feel is something that I aspire to.”

Last year, he had yet another interview with ‘Metal Hammer Magazine’ and revealed his ideas about the same subject.

Here is what he said:

“To me, the wah-wah is a lot like the human voice. It isn’t so much about the ‘wah-wah sound,’ it’s being able to manipulate the tone however I feel it at that moment. It actually creates a better connection to the deeper part of me.

And Hendrix wasn’t actually the first person I heard use a wah-wah pedal – that was Brian Robertson from Thin Lizzy! The first time I became aware of it was the song ‘Warriors’ on [1976’s] ‘Jailbreak.’

He comes in with this totally wah-ed out two-three notes, and I said to my friend, ‘What is that?!’ He said, ‘That’s a wah-wah pedal.’ ‘Wow, fantastic!’ I made a mental note of that…”

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