Metallica’s official YouTube channel, MetallicaTV released a recent video named ‘So What! – A Spirited Chat with Kirk Hammett & Tobias Forge’ and Metallica star Kirk Hammett revealed why Metallica chose the Swedish band as the opening act.

Kirk said that everyone in Metallica is a big fan of Ghost and Tobias Forge responded and said that it’s a big honor for them.

Here is what Kirk said:

“It’s our honor [to bring Ghost on tour with us], it really is. I mean, we are all big Ghost fans, and we want to put on the best possible show for our fans and it means bringing out the best possible bands we can to play with us.

We feel it’s important to put out a very, like, well-rounded show that offers a lot of different stuff, and you guys [Ghost], your music and your show just offer so much of a different sort of thing that we do, that I think it works out really really well.”

And here is Forge’s response:

“Thank you. I couldn’t really imagine anything more inspiring and I think the setup as well is really good for us.

Because even though we have opened up for you guys before over the years, I think that even though I can’t really come up with, like, a terrible situation, it’s not seldom when you are a small band and you come in and you open up for a really big one, it can turn out to be a little daunting, especially if you are basically too new of a band.

You are being thrown out sort of out of the nest, you can’t really sort of fly. If you lose 30-40 thousand people, that’s not cool. I definitely think that now coming in at this level for us, where we’ve done a few rounds, we already have a crowd, feels like there’s, like, enough people out there to sort of, like, ‘Yeah, I like what you did.’

So you feel that towards the end of the show, it feels like we’ve gathered at least a majority of the crowd, which is a very good thing, and I think that definitely, you need to sort of come in at a certain level to be, I guess, welcomed by the crowd to do that. It’s them allowing you in a way to do entertain them.”

You can watch the whole conversation below.

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