The legendary Metallica guitarist and also the co-founder of Exodus, Kirk Hammett, has posted a couple of new photos on his verified Instagram page today and showed off his own ‘Gibson Flying V‘ after accepting Tool guitarist Adam Jones‘ guitar challenged.

As you may already remember from our recently released articles, Tool guitarist Adam Jones has joined the ‘Who has the sweetest Flying V? challenge this week after Gibson’s Chief Merchant Officer Cesar Gueikian has tagged him in his own post. While Adam accepting the challenge, he tagged Kirk Hammett and Richie Faulkner on the post.

Just a day after the challenge, Metallica legend said ‘All in!’ and showed off his own Flying V which is one of the very first models that were ever made. According to the caption Kirk wrote, the routes under the pickguard are handmade and the guitar has no serial number at all.

While accepting the challenge and sending the photos of his goodie, Kirk claimed that there is no contest at all by saying he loves Adam anyway.

Here is what Kirk Hammett wrote:

“Ok, my friend. Mr. Adam Jones, challenge accepted! Better be prepared for a major throwdown, pin, and chokehold! And while we are at it, Choke on this Ladies and Gentlemen…🎸

What we have here is one of the first Flying V‘s ever made.

It is the sweetest V that I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting my paws on!

This is most likely one of 3 V prototypes that Gibson made in 1957. ⚡️🖤🎸

He continued:

“Note the screws instead of studs on the tailpiece. The neck is wider than the V’s that followed in 1958 and 1959. It has handmade routes under the pickguard, instead of machined.

It has no serial number. It has really strong, singing pickups that were wound in 1957. And it has tons of MOJO! So there ya have it, I reckon there is none like her, and she is a strong contender for being in my top 5 best-sounding guitars!

Sorry Adam, but really there is no contest… Love ya anyway bro!”

Click here for the Instagram post.