Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke in an interview made by Rolling Stone and explained his ideas about the current situation of Metallica. He said:

We don’t disappear anymore, we’re always [doing something] – festivals, Record Store Day, reissues… You got one foot in the future and one foot in the past, there’s always this kind of push and pull between wanting to run amok in the future and discover new paths and being respectful to your past.

We spent a better part of the first 25-30 years turning our backs on our past ’cause we were so fearful of repetition.

And then, one of the most significant things was when Rick [Rubin] said, ‘It’s OK. You can be happy and proud about your past, embrace your past for inspiration.'”

He also talked on next Metallica albums:

“I hope we keep making records ’til we fall over. That’s what inspires us and gives us a sense of relevance – still being in the game. That’s important for us.

I respect if our peers feel different, but for us, writing songs, that feeling that we’ve still got something to say is important part of just feeling vital and confident, feeling good about yourself.”

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