Rolling Stone recently conducted an interview with Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich. He talked about his heroes that indicate his bandmate James Hetfield.

Asked by Rolling Stone who are Lars Ulrich’s heroes, and here is the Lars’s response:

“People who challenge the status quo. In no particular order: my dad, Steve Jobs, James Hetfield, [painter] Mark Rothko. People who encourage you to be selfless, like [Salesforce CEO] Marc Benioff. People like Ritchie Blackmore who are completely impulsive – you have no idea what’s gonna come out of his mouth or his guitar three minutes from now. [Metallica co-manager] Cliff Burnstein always taught me to think differently and independently and outside the box.”

Then, Rolling Stone asked “why is James Hetfield one of your heroes?”. He said:

He is just the coolest musician. He’s put up with my shit for 35 years, so there’s gotta be appreciation in there for that. Sometimes I think he may be underappreciated in terms of just how vast his talent is.

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