According to report of Blabbermouth, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich start looking for possibilities of hologram technology supported Metallica tour. Because, hologram technologies will dominate the whole music world in the future.

Here’s the statement:

The conversation in the Bay Area, generally, is primarily about… when people look into the future, it’s about artificial intelligence, and it’s about how you adapt AI into everything that we know on a daily basis.

So when you start looking at the possibilities of how that could play into music, obviously there’s been a few go-arounds with the holograms — there’s a few artists that are looking at sending artists on the road in hologram form.

We were in Copenhagen a couple, three months ago, and we were doing rehearsals for the European tour. We had this whole new visual show thing happening. And what was going on was, we are in an arena and they’re showing some of the visuals and the dynamics and the aesthetics and all the hoopla to us, and we’re sitting up in row 33 up there, looking at the whole thing.

And they’ve got a live show of us somewhere on the summer tour blasting out over the P.A., the full rig is up, there’s a giant P.A., giant stage and a giant light show. And I’m sitting up there and the whole thing is happening — 120-dB loud music, all the lights, the video screens, everything is going on… except there are no musicians on stage. And I’m sitting there going, ‘There’s gotta be a version of this somewhere in our future.'”

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