metallica, lars ulrich

One of the most talented drummers of all time and also iconic Metallica star, Lars Ulrich, posted a rare photo from the good-old-days and hinted that he was high as hell while taking that frame.

As you might check out the caption of the post, Lars mentioned the well-known community photographer, Ross Halfin, who took that iconic frame and stated that the photo was taken in September ’91.

Here is what Lars wrote on the caption:

We will be landing shortly…
Please return to your seat!

September ‘91
📸 Ross Halfin”

As his lovely wife Jessica Miller liked the photo of Lars, a user named eduleon188 made the most-liked comment on the post:

“Please don’t cancel your concert in Chile 😭🙏”

Another user, vivianesantos85 made this comment:

“You look so good with big hair, let it grow.”

Lars Ulrich fan named whatthehucklebewwy chimed in:

“Afraid that is not possible.”

You can check out the post below.