Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke in a documentary DVD series titled “The Rise Of L.A. Thrash Metal” and explained how punk music and metal bond together against other music genres. He said:

“When you talk about, for instance, the punk and the metal stuff sort of uniting, a lot of times you’ve gotta remember that kind of… One group and another group can unite because they’re kind of against this other group. ‘My enemy’s enemy becomes my friend’ — you know that saying?

So I think that there was a probably a common bond against whatever it was that was going on in Hollywood at that time, with the fakeness and the make-believe of all these glam bands and the shallowness of all that type of stuff that the punks and the heavier metal dudes could kind of bond together against that.

Our thing was that, in terms of attitude and in terms of a sense of belonging, we obviously felt much more kinship with these [punk] guys, but musically, our roots laid in a lot more traditional metal stuff.

So, between Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield and myself, [it was] AC/DCDeep Purple, Iron MaidenJudas Priest, AerosmithLed Zeppelin. It started off more in that kind of vein. Sure, [we liked] RamonesMotörhead… But that was about the energy, and that was about the attitude. Diamond Head, that type of thing, that was much more where our hearts and souls were in terms of the musical element.

So, a lot of the punk stuff, I loved the attitude, but I didn’t feel a kinship with it in terms of the musicality of it.”

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