Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has shared the poster of a World War One documentary called “They Shall Not Grow Old”, and revealed his opinion about that.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Just saw the most incredible film…

“They Shall Not Grow Old” features 100 year old documentary footage from the trenches and frontlines of World War One, all stunningly restored by Peter Jackson and his team with meticulous detail to color, re-timing, sound and today’s high technical standards.

You will not believe what you’re seeing, absolutely fucking mind blowing and deeply moving.

Stay for the 20-min post credits extra, where Jackson walks you through the process of the restoration. Way inspiring!!!”

A fan named Mary Jane responded to Lars:

“I heard about this film, but still can’t get to watch it. It is infinitely important and infinitely heartbreaking. But such films need to watch, thanks for this post.”

Another fan wrote:

It is incredible. In interviews he said that when you see the usual footage, you see jerky black and white characters. Shown in colour at the proper speed you can see the people; the joy, the camaraderie and the suffering. Extraordinarily powerful stuff.

See the Instagram post below.

Watch the trailer of the documentary below.

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