The legendary drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich had a recent interview with Revolver Mag and revealed his favorite Slayer track of all time.

As you might check out his statements below, Lars couldn’t choose just one song from the whole Slayer discography but mentioned ‘Angel of Death’ specifically.

Here is what Lars told to Revolver Mag:

“Obviously, “Angel of Death” [off 1986’s Reign in Blood] is kind of just timeless. I really like “Postmortem,” and I don’t know … fuck.

The video where they’re out in the desert, “Seasons in the Abyss,” is awesome. I think that’s enough to get us started at least, right?”

Lars Ulrich continued:

“Yeah, listen, we [Metallica] can dabble in some of those for about 30 seconds until my feet fall off. We absolutely jam on those once in a while when we need to start getting pumped up and getting flexing. [Laughs]”

You can listen to the ‘Angel Of Death’ below.

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