In a recent interview with Maxim, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has revealed his favorite movies of 2018.

Interviewer asked ‘What are some of the best movies you’ve seen this year?’ and Lars responded:

“I saw Julian Schnabel’s new film, ‘At Eternity’s Gate,’ which I thought was amazing. It’s about Vincent Van Gogh, the painter, and Willem Defoe plays Van Gogh. It’s absolutely amazing.

Then there’s this film called ‘The Favourite.’ It’s with Emma Stone and a few others. Then there’s this Polish film, which is by the director who won the Academy Award for Foreign Film about five years ago for a film called ‘Ida,’ his new film is called ‘Cold War.’

Oh, and this amazing film called ‘Free Solo.’ I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this, but these are guys that climb without ropes.”

He continued:

“Basically, it’s like a vertical granite wall in Yosemite, I think it’s 3,000 feet [915m] tall, without a rope or without safety harnesses or anything. Talk about the mindfuck of all mindfucks.

It’s just unbelievable compared to any action film you see or anything, and this is real. He’s climbing without ropes and just straight up. You’re just sitting there with sweaty palms and an accelerated heartbeat and wondering how this is all going to play out. I would encourage anybody to see it. It’s the best action film of the year by far.”

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