Speaking in a recent interview with Classic Rock, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich revealed the first album he bought in 1973.

Here’s the story about how he met rock music for the first time:

“When I was 9 years old, in 1973, my dad took me to see Deep Purple in Copenhagen. The next day after school, as I was biking home, I stopped off at the record store.

It was out in the suburbs where I lived, a run-of-the-mill local chain. I asked what Deep Purple records they had. They had Fireball – so I bought Fireball. And that was the beginning of it. Over the next couple years, as I was growing up in Copenhagen, I bought a lot of Sweet, Slade, Status Quo, Deep Purple… A lot of singles, a lot of 45s…

This was 1974-1977. A few years later, I started migrating more towards hard rock: Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Judas Priest – that kind of stuff.”

He also explained Ken Anthony’s role in Metallica’s career and said:

“Ken Anthony has played a role in Metallica’s career! When we came to Copenhagen in 1984 to record our second album, Ride the Lightning, penniless and starving – the usual sob story – we ended up staying in Ken Anthony’s apartment, the very same apartment I visited three or four years earlier as a snot-nosed 14-year-old.

We came – the whole band, all four members of Metallica – and stayed in his apartment for two months in the spring of 1984 when we were recording. There you go: full circle.”

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