The iconic drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich was the recent guest of AC/DC star Brian Johnson‘s AXS TV’s A Life On The Road show this week.

Lars Ulrich reveals how was Metallica’s attitude to Jason Newsted after he replaced Cliff Burton’s place and the times he had to leave the band after 15 years.

Here is the conversation between these two legends, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

Brian Johnson said:

“Within two months of the death of Cliff, the band were back on the road with a new bass player, Jason Newsted.”

Lars Ulrich responded:

“We were so young that we were not able to process what had happened, and the only way that we could deal with it was to put the blinders on and just move forward and just continue, and it was like because if we did that, we never had to slow down and think about what had happened.

We never put ourselves in a place that was a chance that we would go, ‘Holy f**k we just lost one of our family members, one of our brothers.”

Brian Johnson stated this:

“I don’t think anybody understands, with musicians when you’re riding that high and you enjoy what you’re doing, you have to carry on. You don’t have time to stop and pick up your wounded, really.”

Lars Ulrich responded:

“I think for us in our case, it had a lot to do with how young we were. If something god forbid, something similar happened 10 years later, but we were really young.”

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