The iconic drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich posted a really rare and golden-worth photo from 2008, just after ‘tallica has released Death Magnetic album.

As you will see the photo below, Lars looks really handsome on that photo, and he shared the story of the background story of it.

Here is what Lars wrote about that special photo:

“11 years ago today, in 2008, the Death Magnetic album was released… and a couple of months before that, Anton took the way cool, way next level shots of us that were in the DM package and used for promo.

Nuremberg June 8th to be exact…. in the afternoon before the Rock im Park show!

📸” @antoncorbijn4real”

A user named r2doubled2 made the most liked comment:

“Looks like a photo from Load.”

You can see the photo below.