Two days ago, Metallica has announced that they were teamed up with Stone Brewing to their own beer brand “Enter Night”.

Today, Lars Ulrich spoke in an interview with Steve Baltin from Forbes, and revealed their “super fan” next project. He said:

“I think doing a tequila, looking into some other liquors could be super fun. And then I think the one thing we’re looking into potentially is toasters, Metallica toasters. So we’ll take it a step at a time.”

Interviewer asked:

“What Metallica album goes best with the beer?”

Lars responded:

“The next one. To me it’s always about the next Metallica album. We’re saving all that for when we turn professional (laughter). What we tried to do with Greg and his team was to obviously this is the big leagues in terms of beer and what we wanted to do was try to find and create a beer that felt like it was part of their legacy and could stand toe to toe with all the incredible things that they’ve done from their IPA to Arrogant Bastard to all the rest of their whole arsenal of stuff.

But also at the same time get a beer that is good for tailgating. You’re hanging out in the afternoon and you’re drinking a few beers. You can drink a few of these without falling over. We use the word drinkable, this is very drinkable.”

Click here to entire interview.

You can watch the story of Metallica’s Enter Night beer below.