Metallica’s long-time drummer and famous music personality, Lars Ulrich shared a really rare and special photo from the good-old-days.

As you will see the photo below, Lars posed with his former bandmate and legendary bassist, Jason Newsted. 

Lars also shared the short background story of that great photo.

Here is what he said:

“33 years ago today on Nov 8th 1986, we played our first show with Jason at the Country Club In Reseda, CA.

Off we went on our adventures with the Newkid.. fuck yeah!
#wanna #fbf”

A user named patty_m_777 commented and said that:

“I miss Jason so much… I wish it never happened 💖”

Another Instagram user, nicolasncrema commented:

“You guys should invite him to play some shows, especially with “My friend of misery” on the setlist.”

Here is that rare photo right below.