During a recent appearance on ‘Salesforce,’ Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recalled his youth times and explained what he would do if he wouldn’t be a musician.

When asked if he remembers what he wanted to be as a child, Lars Ulrich revealed that he wanted to be a professional tennis player like his father Torben and his grandfather Einer.

Here’s what Lars stated:

“When I was eight or 10 years old, my father was a professional tennis player, so my dream was to follow in his footsteps and travel the world and play tennis.

When you grow up in a tennis-playing family, basically the first five or six years of my life were – my mom and I traveled with him all over the world, we spent a lot of time in the United States, Europe… traveled to Australia, Pacific.

And this is in the ’60s and early ’70s, so it was that kind of upbringing. And I was certain – it wasn’t even a question – I was just gonna carry [the torch].”

He continued:

“His brother [Jørgen] was also a big tennis player in Denmark, and their father [Einer] was the captain of the Danish Davis Cup team, and also a big tennis personality.

So there was a lot of pressure, or at least internal pressure to follow in those footsteps. Didn’t quite pan out what I expected, but to answer your question, when I was eight, I was gonna be a tennis player.”

You can watch the full conversation below.

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