Iconic Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has shared a new photo of Neil Peart on his official Instagram account, ‘saying goodbye’ to this special drummer with a wonderful letter.

Rush drummer Neil Peart died due to brain cancer at the age of 67. In a statement from the spokesperson of the band, Elliot Mintz said that Peart has been fighting brain cancer for over 3 years.

In the caption of his photo, Lars thanked him for his inspiration and all the help and advice along the way. Also, he appreciated what Neil does for drummers all over the world.

Here’s what Lars Ulrich wrote:

“Thank you Neil.

Thank you for inspiring me and for all your help and advice along the way, especially in the early days when you took the time to talk to a young green Danish drummer about recording, gear and the possibilities that lay ahead…

Thank you for what you did for drummers all over the world with your passion, your approach, your principles and your unwavering commitment to the instrument!
Rest In Peace.”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett headed to the comment section and left a ‘sign of the horns’ emoji:


An Instagram fan named p00ya_karami commented and said this:

“He’s a hero for drummers indeed 🖤💎”

See the Instagram photo below.