The legendary Danish musician who is the co-founder of Metallica, Lars Ulrich, has posted a new photo of him and Jason Newsted on his verified Instagram page and celebrated his long-time friend’s 58th birthday.

As the whole Metallica family knows, Jason Newsted was the bassist of ‘tallica from 1986 to 2001. According to most of the source, in 2001, the whole band members had a meeting and Jason has proposed the band take a year of a gap to let him work for his side project ‘Echobrain.’

However, other members did not accept that offer and they have parted ways in that meeting. Right after two years, Lars Ulrich had an exclusive interview with Loudersound and stated that while Newsted had some control issues, he was an overlooked figure for Metallica.

Here is what he said earlier:

“Jason was overlooked and the ironic thing is that the model for what would have been the perfect Metallica in Jason’s mind is the one that exists now. That is kind of ironic.

It’s also a little sad because Jason’s a good guy and he put a lot of effort into the band for many years, and in retrospect, he was never really fully accepted into the band. Then when he tried to go elsewhere to satisfy his creative needs, he was told – well, barked at – that he couldn’t.”

Today he posted some of their iconic photo from 1987 from the Rythm section snuggle party and celebrated Jason’s birthday while proving they had no issues after all those years once again.

While sharing his birthday message, he also did not forget to give credit to the legendary photographer of the industry who knows Metallica for decades, Ross Halfin. One of the 60K people who pushed the like button on the post was Lars Ulrich’s lovely wife Jessica Miller.

Here is how Lars celebrated Jason Newsted’s birthday:

“Tight jeans… Check!
White sneakers… Check!
Sleeveless shirt… Check!
Sapporo Beer… Check!
Brush long hair… Check!

Rhythm section snuggle party circa 1987.

Happy Birthday, Jason! 🎉
Here’s to all the good times along the way…”

Click here for the photo of Jason and Lars.