Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has posted new photo from the last night on his verified Instagram page, and wrote his special experience in Brussel, Belgium.

Last night, Metallica performed a live show for the first after 31 years in Brussel. Lars Ulrich wrote about that as you can read below.

“Incredible to finally be back in your safe embrace Brussels… 31 years away is fuckin crazy. And yes, we have played countless other cities and festivals in your beautiful Belgium since then, but somehow the magical capital has eluded us…. but no more!!!

The blue skies over the Koning Boudewijnstadion set the tone for this surreal evening where band and fans became one.. and energy and connection were the ingredients to an unforgettable experience. Thanx to everyone who rolled out from near and far. Let’s not wait another 31… #wanna #MetInBrussels #WorldWired”

A fan responded:

“We have seen metallica countless times but this really was an amazing performance with an amazing atmosphere 🤘🤘🤘🤘”

Another fan said:

“Never been so glad to get my ass kicked, … By Metallica no less. What a show, what a setlist, … No other band succeeds in capturing the moment like you guys do, embracing the fans, making everyone part of the show, making people talk about the gig days before AND after the show. An amazing experience, thanks for that. On a side note Lars, due to my position on the right side just in front of the stage, the sound of your kickdrum will stay with me for at least the next few days, until my ears have healed up. But that’s a good thing. A scar from the battle fought 🤘. See you soon!”

Check out the photo of Lars below.