One of the finest drummers of all time, and Metallica co-founder, Lars Ulrich shared a really rare younghood photo of him and revealed the story of how Metallica played with the most legendary bands of all time, including Van Halen.

As you will read the caption below, Lars stated that after the release of the legendary “…And Justice for All” album, ‘tallica were ready to rock the world.

Here is the caption:

“31 years ago today, the Damaged Justice Tour kicked off in Budapest, Hungary at the MTK stadium.
We had been on the road all summer long playing on the Monsters of Rock bill with Van Halen, The Scorpions and a few others…the Justice album had just come out and we were ready to headline, do our own thing and get the fuck on with it!!!
Happy Days!
Here I am at my tourist best in beautiful Budapest!
📸 @rosshalfin”

You can see the photo below.