The legendary drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich, has posted a recent photo of himself with some close friends on his official Instagram account.

Lars Ulrich has gone out of the town due to the crazy holiday with his close friends for a few days and today, he shared the first photo from his holiday.

In this Instagram post, you can notice easily that he has selected a snowy holiday and skied with his friends. Also, Lars Ulrich’s wife Jessica Miller liked the post of her husband.

Here’s what he captioned:

“Four dudes with the same last name say…. over and out ski-party!!”

A fan named Robyn S. Lambright commented:

“Aww, Lars, did you talk your Metal buddies into going skiing so you weren’t by yourself.

They need to try something new. Maybe something they CANT do. 😂”

Another fan named Shawnis wrote this:

“That’s a whole lotta, Ulrich. It’s lovely how close you all are.”

You can see the Instagram post of Lars Ulrich right below.