Photo Credit: Lars Ulrich's Intagram Page

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has shared a special photo of their last performance in Lubbock, Texas, which was held 15 years ago.

Lars also revealed why this performance was so important for Metallica history. He wrote:

“Today we roll back into Lubbock, Texas again after 15 years.. last time we were in town two unique things went down.

The first and so far only live performance of the St. Anger track Sweet Amber…And our friend Sully Erna, from opening band @godsmack joined us on stage for Sad But True.. Here are the pix! I wonder what unique shit will happen tonight..?!”

After the show, Lars descriped his feelings via Instagram, and wrote:

Now that was a fuckin next level vibe Lubbock, throwing that shit right back in our faces…last time we threw the premiere of Sweet Amber at ya, tonight the first airing of Here Comes Revenge..special and unique bond.

Thanx everyone for rolling out and going extra Saturday night loud and nuts!

#Wanna #MetInLubbock #WorldWired”

See the Instagram posts below.