Photo Credit: Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Legendary drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich has posted a photo at a dental polyclinic on Instagram. He has shared the photo with this caption:

“And how was your day??
Btw, yes my gums are doing better thanx for asking.
But do u know why?
Tooth pick party…
Yes, all that crazy tooth picking!
Doc says best shape they’ve been in for 15 years.
Who would have thought???!!!
#wanna #dentist #toothpickparty #nopullingteeth”

See the photo below.

He also shared another funny photo from Metallica’s early days, when they were touring with Venom. He wrote:

“35 years ago today on Feb 11 ‘84, we played our first gig in Holland at the Aardschokdag festival with our bros in Venom among others.. young, crazy, full of spunk and ready for the possibilities…(Just like now🤪)”

See the photos below.