Metallica’s iconic drummer, Lars Ulrich shared a really astonishing photo from Metallica’s latest concert in Munich, Germany and shared how did he feel about the 70k people in the crowd.

Here is what Lars told about that beautiful concert:

“Munich…As the German flag shines on my cymbal and the last echos of craziness ring out in my ears the day after, there are two words that come to mind.. Holy Fuck!! Yep, that was a Rock ‘n’ Roll Celebration at another level!!

Playing your historic stadium was an incredible buzz, and the vibes and energy that were thrown back at us were pretty fuckin epic! Thanx for rolling out to each and every 70,000 of you who came to join the shenanigans on a beautiful late summer Friday night.

What a way to kick off the last weekend of our four-month long swing through Europe. Munich, you’re the fucking coolest! #MetInMunich #Wanna”

You can see the photo right below.