The legendary drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich posted a bunch of new photos on his Instagram and revealed a bizarre moment that he and Kirk Hammett throwing their instruments to each other.

Here is what Lars wrote about the photos:

“Not really sure what the hell is going on here …. but it happened in Dublin in 2003 at RDS Arena…and since we are rolling your way in a coupla days blah blah etc…

Actually, this may involve the transition into Nothing Else Matters!
Does anyone know??#wanna”

You can see the photos below:

Last week, Lars shared yet another photo with his dad and gave a piece of golden advice to the young musicians.

Here is what he said:

Here is what he wrote:

“Heavy Metal Gandalf and I once again having dinner in Danish…🇩🇰
Go have dinner with your dad once a month if you can.
Its fucking cozy!!”

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