Metallica’s legendary drummer Lars Ulrich unearthed a story of an unannounced event in Castle Donnington.

Lars also revealed how much fun did they get in that show.

Here is what Lars told:

“16 years ago today, June 1st, 2003, we played a super fun, low-key, unique show on one of the side stages at the first Download festival on the hallowed grounds of Castle Donington… And it was unannounced!

Just kinda showed up and rocked the house at around 4 in the afternoon.. Part of the St. Anger release shenanigans.

So much fun to play early in the day, get the fuck done, have a couple of beers with some friends from the other bands. Just hang and be chill. The line up was fuckin cool as you can see.

And it was still possible to play with no shirt!!!

You can see the photo below: