The legendary drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich posted a new video on his official social media page and revealed a never-before-seen outtake from Sandman soundstage.

Here is what Lars wrote about the footage:

“28 years ago today on July 3rd 1991, we filmed the “Enter Sandman” video at a soundstage in LA.

Here is a never-before-seen outtake from that day.. crazy rocker hair, bare chest, shiny necklaces, big fuck off white Tama drums, strobe light overload etc in full fuckin effect!! #Wanna?!”

A user named heavyhepp commented and said:

“You should bring back the big white Tama kit”

kevinjamesgee said that:

“Why you ever stopped using those awesome White Tamas I’d love to know. They screamed Lars and Metallica!!!”

You can watch the video below.