Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing his favorite movie of 2020, and apparently, it’s ‘Another Round‘ by Thomas Vinterberg starring Mads Mikkelsen.

Thomas Vinterberg directed Metallica’s video for the lead single ‘The Day That Never Comes’ from their ninth studio album named ‘Death Magnetic’ back in 2008. The video was filmed in the desert outside Los Angeles and depicts two Marines.

Recently, Lars Ulrich shared a post on his official Instagram page and revealed his friend Thomas Vinterberg’s movie named ‘Another Round’ is his favorite of 2020. He also stated that Vinterberg told his idea for this movie to Ulrich two years ago and stunned him.

Here is what Ulrich stated in the caption of his post:

“Finally saw my friend Thomas Vinterberg’s new movie ‘Another Round,’ and it’s hands down my favorite film of 2020.

I remember being somewhat stunned and completely intrigued by the idea when he told me about it two summers ago. The movie was finally made last year and was supposed to premiere this year at Cannes.

The universal themes of a midlife crisis, camaraderie, relationships, self-esteem, and experimentation are set against a bit of a touchy subject and play out in the most Danish of ways.”

Lars Ulrich praised his friend’s work and stated that Vinterberg balanced the elements of drama and comedy in the film. In addition to praising his friend, Ulrich also stressed the brilliant Mads Mikkelsen‘s ability to perform and act as the main character.

Since he has huge admiration for his friend, Ulrich also mentioned the time when Vinterberg directed Metallica’s song ‘The Day That Never Comes’ video and stated that it was one of Metallica’s best.

Here is how Ulrich continued:

“Thomas has made a film that handles all of this with just the right balance of drama, comedy, empathy, and a touch of outrageousness. Mads Mikkelsen is brilliant as always as a school teacher and main character Martin.

You may remember Thomas from back in 2008 when he directed our video for ‘The Day That Never Comes’ Easily one of Metallica’s best.

This movie is now available on pay-per-view in the US and has been playing around Europe for a few months.

Please do yourself a favor and see this.”

You can see the Instagram post and the trailer of ‘Another Round’ below.