Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was the recent guest of Rolling Stone’s ‘So, How Was Your 2020’ survey and he shared how he and Metallica handled such an unexpected and tough year full of issues such as the coronavirus outbreak and riots in the United States.

You may already remember, Metallica had to postpone every single gig and tour to 2021, due to unexpected coronavirus conditions all over the world. When asked, Lars Ulrich stated that he spent most of his time watching TV shows on streaming platforms and viral videos on social media.

While sharing that the old-favorite album he returned to for comfort this year was Alice In Chains’ ‘Dirt,’ he also stated that the song which defines 2020 for him is Thin Lizzy’s ‘Cold Sweat.’ After being asked if he had any new hobbies during the self-quarantine, Lars confessed that he got coronavirus tested at least 30 or 40 times.

Here is what Ulrich stated about his hobbies during self-quarantine:

“A new hobby I picked up in quarantine was getting Covid tested. I got the test at least 30, 40 times. We go into these Covid bubbles. Obviously, we did the drive-in last summer. We did a live stream a few weeks ago. We’ve done a couple of songwriting escapades … I’m obviously being silly.

A new hobby? I guess there’s very little in my life that I associate with the word ‘hobby.’ I guess I’ve done quite a lot of biking in quarantine. For me, growing up in Denmark, biking was a mode of transportation.

It was something that got you from point A to point B. What I’ve done in quarantine is go from point A to point A, the long way around. I was literally biking around San Francisco with various members of my family, which I’ve never really done. And it’s interesting. I’ve lived in San Francisco for coming up on 40 years.”

He continued:

“There are definitely parts of San Francisco that you see differently when you see ’em from a bike rather than through a car window. So it’s been great over quarantine to see different parts of San Francisco and the Presidio and different elements of this great city. So, I would say, is the true hobby that I’ve never really encountered before.”

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