Metallica is back on stage after the pandemic pause, and as far as their fans are concerned, they are playing better than ever. The band posted their ‘Creeping Death’ performance in San Francisco on their YouTube channel and received sound analysis from their fans.

Metallica has been rocking the world since 1981 and has been through genre and style changes in these 39 years. They were known to be the kings of thrash metal, but that changed when they released ‘The Black Album’ in 1991. The album consisted of songs with heavier and clearer sounds which put them amongst the biggest names in the metal genre.

They have been making it to the headlines pretty often recently after the remastered release of ‘The Black Album,’ which encouraged their fans to talk about all the things the band has achieved through the years.

With the easing of the pandemic restrictions, Metallica returned to the stage and started to perform once again. However, the band surprised their fans with their recent concert, as they performed in a small venue in San Francisco. They performed at a stage where usually start-up bands would perform.

Yet, this wasn’t considered a negative thing because it reminded everyone of the times Metallica was not as big as it is today. One of the songs that the band performed was ‘Creeping Death,’ which inspired some fans to do a sound analysis.

While some said that Metallica has finally started playing their tracks at their original speed instead of exaggerated speeds to show off, others praised the band members’ energy and stamina as they seem to be better than ever.

Here is a fan’s comment on their sound:

“I love how they play this at closer to the original speed instead of the completely exaggerated speeds they used to do live. Sounds so incredibly tight and heavy. Damn, I wanna see them live again!”

Another fan commented on Hetfield’s voice by stating:

“Sounds like James is back to just straight up melodic singing, for the most part, these days, like he was back in 1999. It sounds pretty good though. Whatever he has to do to keep going. Back on the Hardwired tour, he was doing more harsh vocals again.”

Someone commented on the venue:

“Metallica playing smaller venues? This is a giant 80’s throwback holy moly! I gotta hear the Frayed Ends Of Sanity one more time live, now that the boys are primed and firing on all cylinders.”

And this is how they appreciated Hetfield’s guitar skills:

“I’m convinced James has a robotic right hand. He’s playing more accurately than ever.

Finally, a fan indicated that they got better after the pandemic pause by stating:

“Apparently, the quarantine served them well. Because this is the best they’ve played this song in 30 years!”

You can watch the praised performance below.