It has been 20 years since Metallica’s ex-bassist Jason Newsted quit the band and saddened the fans. However, recently, he made a surprise to them and featured in an unboxing video of the ‘The Black Album (remastered)’ on Metallica’s official YouTube channel.

Newsted contributed to the success of Metallica by being involved in the band’s legendary albums ‘…And Justice For All,’ ‘Metallica (The Black Album),’ ‘Load,’ and ‘Reload.’ He was recruited by Metallica after the death of their previous bassist Cliff Burton who died tragically in a car crash.

Newsted received a lot of reactions when he decided to quit Metallica. He had stated that he loved playing music in Metallica but he had injuries resulting from headbanging, and he needed time to recover from those. Moreover, the band wasn’t treating him well because he was an easy target to let their anger out after Burton’s death. It wasn’t easy to replace him, and Newsted felt that most of the time. After he quit stating that it’s personal, he received a lot of hate from the fans.

Metallica will release their 1991 album titled ‘Metallica’ also known as ‘The Black Album (Remastered)’ in September, and the album is available for preorder now. The band posted a video on YouTube featuring Newsted unboxing the whole deluxe set and talked about the photos on the band’s memoir. He ended the video by stating that he feels lucky to be included in this album’s ‘victory.’

Here is how he ended the video:

“Okay, thanks for sharing. That might have taken longer than anybody wanted, but I enjoyed that very much, and I feel very victorious and thankful to be included in the victory. Thanks, everybody.”

The fans were happy to see the bassist talk about Metallica and long for their memories. What grabbed the fans’ attention most was that he remembered many old memories and was able to determine the places and events that revolved around the photos.

A fan wrote:

“This in my eyes is the coolest thing Metallica has done in years.. and I’m not talking about the box set…”

Another fan stated:

“I’d listen to Jason describing every photo, sharing all the memories, no matter how long it took!”

You can watch the full unboxing below.

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