Metallica’s iconic star and also the bassist of the heavy metal band since 2003, Rob Trujillo, was the latest interview guest of ‘So What’ and talked about lots of things from the ‘S&M2’ record of the band to how the coronavirus outbreak affected him and his bandmates.

Rob Trujillo admitted that at the first pace of the coronavirus lockdown, he felt very rusty and the rust has definitely settled to his muscles. Later on, when the gig opportunity came up, he realized how his muscles went out of practice.

At some point in the interview, Rob Trujillo stated that bass strings are big and fat, and if a musician has not been playing in a while the tendons in the arm and shoulder to become inactive and hurt.

After revealing the fact, Rob unveiled an untold conversation he had with James Hetfield and we learned that James Hetfield’s fingers in pain for a while, and they’re sored.

Here is what he said:

“I asked James Hetfield after the first or second day of rehearsal, how do your fingers feel? He goes, ‘Sore, totally sore.’ So it wasn’t even just me, you know?

I was like, ‘OK, good, it’s not just me,’ because something that we forget, that we take for granted sometimes, is just getting into the muscles in your arms, and your fingers, and all the little tendons, and your calluses, all make a huge difference.”

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