Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo talked with Rolling Stone, and he revealed his biggest challenge to learning And Justice For All songs, when he joined the band. In addition, he used tab books.

He said:

The tablature books were very helpful when I first joined the band. I wasn’t getting the master tapes back then. It’s a different time now. Nowadays you can go online and you can get the masters for just about any band out there, but back in the day you didn’t have that option.

Kirk uses the tab books sometimes: ‘Let me get the tab books I’ve gotta learn my solo from “Dyers Eve” again!'”

He continues:

“‘Justice’ is the biggest challenge ‘cos it’s also complex in the arrangements. So as a bass player, it’s kind of open territory, and you cater to the riff, but then you listen to the live stuff, see what Jason was doing. ‘Frayed Ends of Sanity’ off the ‘Justice’ album is a song that I really wanted to play with the band, and for years and years I was always like, ‘Let’s play this song!’

But I’ll tell you something, I started working on that song almost from the very first time I joined the band. I knew some day we would play that song, and I knew that if I didn’t do my homework that when that day came I would have a hard time learning it the week before. So I nurtured that song for years, and we played it for the first time last summer, 5 times, and it was a dream come true for me.