On November 24, 2016, a tweet from Dave Mustaine hoped for all metal fans. This tweet contained a call to the “Big Four” bands and said to it’s time for some more Big Four Shows”.  As you can see from below.

Metallica’s bassist Rob Trujillo explained his thoughts on this issue in an interview with Loudwire. He said:

“The Big Four tour was really great. We had a great time – it was special and fun and I love Dave. Dave is amazing.

Right now, the main focus is we’ve got this new album and we’re going to go out and we’re going to tour this and get into these new songs and take this journey right now.

Maybe after we get this sort of out of our system, we can dive into Big Four mode and try and do that. I can see us doing it again. It was definitely a lot of fun. It makes me feel good that Dave wants to take that journey again.

Dave Mustaine brought the issue again in an interview with “Truck Nation”. He said:

“If the conditions were right, I think it would be great. I think that when it’s just the four of us, I think it’s great. If you do the ‘Big Four’ and you’ve got four or five other shitty little opening bands, that takes away the phenomenon that is the ‘Big Four.’ We should all have relatively similar set times, we should all have relatively similar staging and really allow the four of us to be presented as equals and see where the chips lie. Instead of you’ve got three openers and another band, or you’ve got ten openers and another band.

It needs to be just about the four of us. And I think it would be really great if all four of us kind of had an even shot at how we were gonna perform in front of the audience. I think that when we did some of these other festivals and there were so many other different bands, it just messes things up. There were a couple of times where we weren’t even all on the same stage. And I’m not stupid — when you’re at a festival and one headlining band ends, there’s no way you get from one field, when you’re paying attention and enjoying the band, to another field on the side of the site before the first note starts up of the next band. Unless there’s a set time where they don’t do that, they don’t start ’em, but they never do that; they start right away. So you miss something by doing that. And I don’t think it’s fair. I think if it’s gonna be the ‘Big Four,’ it should be just the four of us, and everyone is, like, right there and they get to see everything.”

A new “The Big Four Tour” does not seem likely at this time. We will wait and see what happens in the coming years.